A Tribute to the City Of Colours “Chennai”

Yes! It's our Sathyam

Chennai, “The land of Masses” is the place I live and the way I live.

Chennai, the quietest of metro cities has everything to adorn her beauty , while the Beach of Marina acts as her glittering ornament, her shores of Besant Nagar always glitters with glamorous ornaments.While all cities enjoys summer,winter,spring,rainy,etc..,. weathers we enjoy only three types of weathers namely Hot,Hotter,Hottest…..yes, Chennai is the Sizzlin hot Babe of India. She is home to legends such as “Mozart From Madras” A.R.R, Manirathinam , Vishwanathan Anand ,sujatha,and the list goes on and on . Yes,She is not a heritage site because she changes and  getting modernised with everyday adorning more , new and glittering jewels

The Pride of chennai


Chennai has far more developed to being called as the “Detroit of India” having almost all major car manufacturers.When describing modern Chennai how can we forget The Sathyam Cinemas which has altogether changed the audience view of a cinema theater. Even today when people come to Chennai they want o visit Spencer’s plaza which of course was my child hood dream destination.Now, even after super malls and big shopping stores have arrived Spencer’s Plaza still stands as the symbol of the Mount Road.Now, the East Coast Road(ECR) is driving the youngster’s crazy and  what the hell do you want more…………so, If You are one among the Proud Chennaities Like me ” Happy Chennai day “

Today the hottest modern Girl of India is celebrating her 372nd Birth day. Too many Boys have gone crazy about her and became men trying to uncover her and ended up old men and still could not let go of her.she grows younger everyday while enlarging her reach,generating more dreams than ever,giving more people more chances to grow. Let’s all celebrate her Birthday louder than the voice she raises through her shores.


About Sriram.R

Sports mainly cricket.. I don't know i i tried Blogging but still wanna do. Not getting better or famous. so searching the short-cut to rule the world ,Reality is that even Google could not help me on that.
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